Genesis Block was created on February 27, 2018. On the April 9, 2018, the Masternodes and Kingnodes campaign was launched with the aim to secure the Kaze network.


Kaze is an innovative blockchain developed to support and power projects and decentralized applications in an ecological, transparent, scalable and truly decentralized manner.

Unlike anonymous or sponsored blockchains, Kaze and its related services are developed in a transparent manner and in accordance with the Swiss values and strict local legislation. Being self-funded, Kaze is independent and siloed from the influence of large multinationals and governments.

The Kaze Community 

Kaze is created for sophisticated and demanding blockchain enthusiasts that share similar values. 

The Kaze community is not comfortable with the idea of starting a project – or of trading, holding, sharing or creating assets – on an opaque and only partially decentralized blockchain. 

Our Core Values

Stability, universality, respect, transparency, collaboration and shared knowledge – these are the six cornerstones of Kaze.

These values are shared among the Kaze community and are the foundation of the success of the Kaze blockchain ecosystem.

 Kaze Blockchain Engine

The Kaze Blockchain Core Engine is a combination of several technologies: P2P conventions, Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus protocol (dBFT), and advanced distributed ledger technology (ADLT). Kaze Core allows smart contracts to execute on a dBFT consensus mechanism.

 Kaze Core’s unique architecture was designed and engineered with a view to provide a seamless environment for smart contracts deployment and blockchain-based projects. This combination of unique technologies offers guarantees in terms of safety, certainty, scalability and improved compatibility across services. 

Learn more about Kaze, visit our official website:

KAZE coin & Kaze stream

KAZE coin is a cryptocurrency, a Kaze Blockchain Native Asset. 

• Pre-mined: 100% 

• Total supply: 100,000,000 

• Extremely fast 

• Safe & Secure 

• No minimum transaction fee 

• Consensus node with reward in Kaze STREAM

Kaze STREAM is a twin coin and a utility coin used to reward Kaze community members for validating transactions and who help secure our blockchain by maintaining a node through a supported wallet containing KAZE coins. 

• Pre-mined: 0% 

• Total supply: 100,000,000

• Extremely fast 

• Safe & Secure 

• No minimum transaction fee 

• Used to deploy and run smart contracts & projects or initiate referendums on the Kaze Agora Platform. 

• Used to pay priority transaction and premium services

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