What is the SeedList?

The SeedList, simply put, is a list of URLs. They belong to the nodes that Kaze-CLI tries to connect to when it starts. You can find the SeedList in protcol.json, under the kaze-cli directory.

  "ProtocolConfiguration": {
    "Magic": ...,
    "AddressVersion": ...,
    "SecondsPerBlock": ...,
    "StandbyValidators": [
    "SeedList": [
    "SystemFee": {

Here, Kaze-CLI is configured to connect to seed1.kaze.org, seed2.kaze.org, and so on through PORT:22885.

Potential Issues with current setup

That's all well and good, but what happens if every single node in our list is down?

Well, kaze-cli is smart, so it will attempt to connect to neighbouring nodes. However, there are many unknown factors in this approach. Perhaps the neighbours are down. The wait time may grow to be unbearable.

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