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Why Kaze Blockchain?
It all started in 2017 when a small team of blockchain enthusiasts agreed to develop a truly decentralized community-led and collaborative platform. While analyzing the different blockchain able to deploy smart contracts, we quickly realized that none of them met all our needs for:

1. Scalability
2. Ecological
3. Truly decentralized
4. Transparency

Having not found the ideal blockchain to power our Agora collaborative platform we agreed to build our own. Kaze blockchain is scalable, low energy consuming, truly decentralized and transparent. The combination of technologies used to build Kaze, a modified hard fork of NEO, as well as the number of upgraded services provided makes it an ideal platform for entrepreneurs wishing to use the blockchain to power their project. 

Mission Statement
The most important thing we at Kaze can do is develop the social and technological infrastructure to give people and companies the collaborative power to build together successful projects that benefits one another.

What is Kaze?
Kaze is an innovative blockchain developed to support and power projects and decentralized applications in an ecological, transparent, scalable and truly decentralized manner.

Unlike anonymous or sponsored blockchains, Kaze and its related services are developed in a transparent manner and in accordance with the Swiss values and strict local legislation. Being self-funded, Kaze is independent and siloed from the influence of large multinationals and governments. 

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