A. KAZE coin

KAZE coin is a cryptocurrency ( A coin) made for individuals, companies and/or institutions wishing to support projects on the Kaze blockchain, on the Agora collaborative platform or to simply make fast, safe and free transactions. KAZE coin has a limited supply of 100,000,000 coins. 

As a governing coin, the KAZE coin can be used to call for referendums on the Agora Platform or to participate in the decision-making process by voting as one would in a direct democracy. 

Thanks to its innovative parent blockchain, KAZE coin was developed to become one of the most powerful coin available:

  • Extremely fast
  • Safe & secure
  • No minimum transaction fees 
  • Blockchain Participation Rewards in Kaze STREAMS

B. Kaze STREAMS:  “a continuous flow”

STREAM coins are considered as a utility tokens. As a twin coin, they are used to reward and/or compensate Kaze community members for helping to secure the network. STREAMS are also used on the Kaze ecosystem to pay for smart contract deployment and general transactions. 

New ICOs will be dependent on STREAMS to fuel their projects, as services are paid exclusively in KAZE coins or STREAMs. 

STREAMs can also be earned in exchange of work, services and other contributions provided by community members on the Agora platform. Kaze STREAMS are only attributed as a reward for active contribution to the network or community. 

Stream Rewards system:

  • Mining: Members holding KAZE coins in the Kaze Core Wallet (or another supported wallet) will be part of the validation process, thus helping the blockchain. For securing the network, they will be compensated for their work in STREAMs.
  • Incentivized contribution: earning rewards for contributing, sharing information, knowledge, consulting, services etc. thus helping bolster the Agora community.
  • Platform development: earning STREAMs by participating in the development of the platform or ecosystem. Coding, testing, graphic design, content, etc.
  • Holding: By holding KAZE coins in their wallet, the Kaze community members contribute to the scarcity of the currency on the market. Reducing the liquidity of the currency helps increase its value. 
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